You are not alone…

Recently, someone close to me had been having a hard time. She was and still is going through a grueling season in her life in order to chase her dream, chase her purpose. She is encountering people who openly dislike her, people who disagree with her choices, and people who don’t understand her reasons. And, this does not include the difficult experiences she is having in her home. She is encountering negativity and experiencing a lack of confidence, and feeling very much alone, I think.

Although, her circumstances are her own, we all go through some form of this in life if we choose to follow a path that the world does not necessarily agree with, if we choose to try to rise above the status quo, if we take the path less travelled.

Thinking on this, there are 2 things I feel were put in my heart to share with you for when you face your own challenging season.

 #1 In our journey, although we may be lonely, we are not alone.

 Although, each set of circumstances are unique, we all experience challenges when we try something different. The key here is to reach out, find the friend who is able to listen, the one who cares.  Or, try the land of social media.  There are so many different groups out there, you may be able to find the people going through almost exactly what you’re going through. People who really understand. I also advise you to ask God for companionship and help finding your tribe, the group who can surround you with the love and support you need.

#2  As you face the path you’ve chosen, may you remember

to have confidence in yourself.

Not because the world has told you that you should, but because God would not put this purpose in your heart and not give you the tools to accomplish it. Phillipians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Unleash your God given talents.  You have the ability, the strength, and the tools to get this done.

Remember, have confidence, my friend. You are not alone.

Aim High Dreamers and Doers. Today is your day.


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