Who am I?

This is who I am:

I grew up poorer than most of the friends I know.  I remember envying my friends’ houses, cars, and piano lessons.   I wasn’t homeless, I had food and water and the necessities of life.  Parents who made sure I had new clothes for the first day of school. Parents who worked hard.  Parents who love me.

But, most of my childhood, I shared a room with my brother in a 2 bedroom apartment. At one point, as my brother and I got older, my parents slept on a pull out couch in the living room so that we could each have a bedroom. At another point, I shared a room with my family in a hotel my mom worked at. Years later, we lived in a big house with a pool.  Only to lose it all.

My Mom is quite brilliant. She worked hard to make sure my brother and I had the things we needed. In case you are reading this, Mom, you really are brilliant. I am so proud of you for taking advantage of that beautiful brain of yours and going back to school. And, although sometimes I didn’t notice, looking back I see the quiet confidence you have always had in me.  It gave me an inner strength I didn’t realize I had. Thank you.

My Dad is also really smart. His mind is like that of an engineer although he never went to college. He can fix about anything. At heart, he is an inventor and a lover of people. This man can ask you an outrageous question, and you feel compelled to answer.  He is an entrepreneur. I don’t think that he has worked for anyone since he was 20 years old.  He literally just made his own job, his own business over and over.

It was my Dad who made me want to become an entrepreneur. It was also my Dad who made me fear being an entrepreneur. When you see someone who can create something for nothing, that is an awesome sight!!! When you see them lose it all, that is terrifying. It is awful to feel like your whole world is disappearing, like you don’t know what to trust anymore. It is heart wrenching to see your family fall apart.

But, like phoenix from the ashes, my Dad continues to rise.

What kind of person can bounce back to try again? Only an incredibly strong one. That much I know.

During the ups and downs of this wild ride, I experienced many things. I learned to work hard. I learned to believe. I learned a proper handshake before I was even 10 years old!

Much of these experiences shaped who I am.  It is the reason I got my Master’s Degree. There would always be a safety net for me in corporate America.

But, it also stoked my curiosity about being my own boss.

I was allowed and encouraged to participate in the business side of things at a very early age.

AT 11, I began pushing a broom in the parking lot.

By, 12 I was little Miss Bossypants (I think my Dad’s team members weren’t thrilled about it, but it made my dad proud and me confident.)

At 14, I was running the summer parking lot at the beach until I went to college.

It also made me become a motivational junkie.  Tony Robbins abounded in my home along with Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Who Moved my Cheese?, and One Minute Manager.  The only thing that ever concerned me was where were the Top Women in the field of Motivation? But, I soaked it up. As a teenager and college student I, couldn’t get enough.

At 20, in my college dorm, I made extra money by hiring my friends to do tasks my Dad needed done.

At 21, I drove to out of town and learned to speak to vendors while checking the merchandise for quality.

At 22, I went to tradeshows with my Dad. I met with men who ran multi- million dollar companies.  I sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  I learned how to operate in a grown up world. I learned that people can steal ideas as easy as stealing candy if they have the right amount of money behind them with the right lawyers.

I learned that possibility surrounded me. But, it comes at a price. There is always risk for the reward.  And, for a long time I wondered if the risk was worth it.

So, I tried but never willed.   I dabbled, but never committed.  I thought a lot, but did not do a lot.

Then, I married a man who really saw me, who believed in me and my dreams and he made me laugh a lot…still does.   We had 3 children who inspired me to be at home (which was a place no one in my life expected me to be).  Most were shocked, I even wanted kids!   As my 3rd is about to start school next year, I really felt like now was the time to go after what I have always wanted to do.

Every year, I write down goals and dreams.  This past year, I wrote down my goals as usual. Randomly, as I was sorting through some books, I found a journal.  In the journal, were goals and dreams from years past.

I had written almost the same goals and dreams for the past 5 years. Five years and I didn’t even realize it!!

My mind in fear mode must have blocked it out. I have always wanted to help other people reach for their dreams and live their dream life. Hence, this blog, Do More Than Dream.

I will. I commit. I do the work.

This who I am:

Wife. Mom.  Motivator. Boss. Seeker of Dreams.  Role Model.  Lover of God.  Happiness finder.  Chaser of Adventures.

I am still writing my story. Follow me and LIKE me on Facebook.  I’d love to hear your story, too!!!

Still Aiming High,



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