Live up to your dreams

When Fear overwhelms You

Hands up.

Ever have something awesome happen to you, maybe something you have been hoping, praying, and working for?

Then, instead of basking in the joy of the blessing, you quickly think of all the things that could go wrong. Or, maybe you pin point your failings or all the reasons you are not enough. Or worse, maybe you are so fearful that you sabotage what could be so good.

I have seen this in the people I follow on Facebook. I have seen this in my friends. I have seen this in myself.

It is the comfort of playing small.
It is the contentment with the chains or security that bind us. 
It is more convenient to box yourself in. Don’t go chasing waterfalls and all that other stuff that tells you that you belong at status quo.

You belong in the wanting but not getting. You belong to be just satisfied enough, just happy enough, just secure enough. But, I call B.S.

That is NOT it for you.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed she would live out her dreams… don’t give up on her. She is still right there waiting for you to break the chains of “just enough.”

You are allowing your FEAR to overwhelm your gratitude.
Doing the inner work, I have seen my own fears replace my gratitude. My fear of disappointing the people I love and respect. My fear of not keeping it all together. My fear of not being liked.

When I concentrate on my fears, I am one of the people that do the worst possible thing, I sabotage or I stop. That is hard to write and even harder to say. But, it is the truth. My truth. I own it. But, I no longer let it own me.

And there is only one way I know to keep it all from owning me and overwhelming me. I get very grateful. I concentrate on how blessed I am. I recognize the LITTLE and the BIG things as miracles. I find my happiness in being thankful for the obstacles and opportunities because I don’t think there is one without the other.

This is why gratitude is so messy. Because it is so easy to feel all the other things. It is normal to feel all the other things. But, it is not helpful to feel all the other things.

When I see my life through the lens of fear, it is grey and frankly terrifying, but when I see my life through the lens of gratitude, I see the beauty of it all in vibrant beautiful color. It’s not always easy, but I choose gratitude over fear. You 
can, too.

Start today. What CAN you be grateful for, right here, right now?

If you need support, I help women break through fears and embrace a life you can love and fill with Everyday Joy.

In gratitude and love,


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