What’s the secret?

Welcome Dreamers!!! This week is the week of dreaming bigger and better.  So, stick with me, Wednesday, and Friday, too.  Each day we will look to expanding our thoughts so you really can begin to live the life you were made for. See, I know where you end up is determined by where you start in your head. Where you end up begins with what you believe. Where you end begins with you.

I believe you have a secret. A secret that you keep hidden inside that big beautiful heart of yours.  A secret you only let the sun shine on when you are feeling incredibly optimistic. A secret you keep wrapped up safe like a delicate trinket. A secret that could set you free if only you believed.

See, we all have one.  I believe God has placed a gorgeous gift in each one of us that we are meant to share.  But, too often, we hide it because we truly don’t believe it is for us. And, here’s the thing, it’s ok, you’re not alone. We are all scared to share our secret. We don’t want to be laughed at or looked down on.  But, what if everyone was a scared as you are right now.  I bet we would all miss out on a lot of really great stuff.

I’ll give you an example.  There is a boy who grew up in the poor part of Los Angeles.  His parents were divorced. At the age of 9, he began selling newspapers and Christmas cards to help his family financially. Still not making enough, his mother sent him to a foster home. He joined a gang. A teacher told him he would never amount to anything.  How many reasons could he have given himself to not succeed? How many reasons do you give yourself?

He recognized he had a secret, but didn’t quite know what to do with it.  He went on to graduate high school, served with honors in the Navy, then become HOMELESS. Trying to get ahead, he picks up cans, pumps gas, and becomes the top selling Encyclapedia salesman in the country.

With a $700 dollar loan, he and business partner go on to create the awesome Paul Mitchell hair care line which they started by selling only 3 products door to door. This man is John Paul Jones DeJoria.

He is now reportedly worth almost 3 BILLION dollars. His secret was that he wouldn’t give up and he’s famous for saying “Success not shared is failure.” He is an active philanthropist and has fed orphans around the world, saved animals, and met with the Dalai Lama.

So, I agree, we could all go on without his haircare (great though it may be), but how many children and animals have benefitted from his success? So many. Now, that is AWESOME!!!

How many people could you benefit if you believed the secret God gave you?  The secret of how you are meant to touch lives. Because you are meant to touch lives.  Maybe you become the best sale person in the business and you are able to give back to your community. Maybe you start a business and are able to volunteer more because you control your time. Maybe you become the best selling etsy superstar and donate toys to the children’s hospital.  Stop hoarding that secret. What is it? What are you dreaming of doing? Where does your heart tell you that you should go? What is your gift?

 UNLEASH IT! You can change the world, if only you believed.

Aim high,



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