What are you wasting that could change your life?

I am just going to come out with it. I had a rough week last week.  Hurricane, migraines, crying kids, tough decisions, and utter anxiety pretty much sum it up.  So, as this week begins, what am I doing? What are you doing?

I am going to hustle, I am going to breathe in the calm, and I am going to push through.

Want to be at the top of your game, but have stuff that’s holding you back? Well, guess what, there is stuff holding everyone back.  You are not unique in this way, but you can be unique in how you handle it.

See, I don’t have control of my migraines or my kids tantrums or my kids not sleeping or being sick and all that eats at my time.

But, I do have control of how I spend the little time that I have left each day.

Here’s the thing about time, it is so, so precious.  Most of us don’t value it enough. We spend it on TV shows, looking at facebook, googling the random things, wasting it.

This week I want you to really think about how your spending the extra time, the free time you have.  I encourage you to write it down.

How much time are you spending avoiding your own life? Really, in this age of facebook and social media, I wonder how much time is spent on looking at other people’s lives instead of fully living our own.

Imagine that every wasteful minute spent, you instead did something to improve yourself or your life.  I bet you could find at least 15 minutes a day in wasted time.

What if you spent 15 more minutes engaged with your kid, your partner, yourself?

That would turn into over 90 HOURS per year invested in a better relationship with your kid, your partner, or yourself.

What if you spent 15 more minutes a day in pushing your business forward, engaging your customers, improving efficiency?

That would mean over 90 hours per year growing.

So, be mindful of your time. You will never have this second, minute, hour, day, year back.  Use it or lose it people, that’s what it comes down to.

What did you give up the last year for?  I hope it was something amazing. If not, start today, now, this second.  You got this!!!!

Aim high,



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