Vision: Small Word, Big Implications

Vision. Such a small word and such big implications.

Vision is being able to see. The vision I am talking about is being able to see something… a goal…a dream… something that is more than you have now and have the belief that it can be true.

I like to think that vision starts in the mind and the follow through, the passion comes from the heart.  It is not enough to have a dream. You have to have the enthusiasm and passion to follow through on making that dream come true.

So many people go through life taking what is given to them. They lead the life of “meh.”  They have a job that makes them wish for the weekend to escape it.  They have friends who do not challenge them.  They do not build deep relationships.  They simply hum along escaping into their phone, into the tv, into anything so that they don’t have to imagine better, they don’t have to be better.

Not trying means not failing. They have no vision.

They are blind to a fulfilling life.  You see a fulfilling life needs vision. You need to be able to see possibilities.  And it can be messy and it can be uncomfortable. Seeing your own shortcomings and failures is not pretty.

But, having vision also means seeing your God given gifts. It means seeing other people for who they are.  When we have vision we get to connect to other people in a deep and meaningful way.

This is a plea to you as much as to myself to open your eyes.  As a mom of three, II find it easy to escape into the phone, the tv or even a book just to breathe sometimes. And, sometimes is ok, but the problem is we become addicted to the escape. Addicted to the ease of social media. Social media in a general sense does not require much from us. Stop doing things that do not require anything from you!!!

I could literally cry at the number of moments I have lost with my children or building/deepening relationships just staring at a facebook feed.  As I write this, I have tears in my eyes. Social media is a wonderful way to start a connection, but it cannot be the end all and be all of connection.  Most of us are just pressing that Like button and not even commenting.

Step away from your phone and your tv and whatever makes you not deal with life.  Life is supposed to be muddled and clear, terrifying and wonderful, ugly and beautiful.  You’ve heard the saying that you would never appreciate the sunshine without the rain.  And, it’s true! You must embrace the sadness with the happiness. You must see it all. You must have vision!!

Have you ever asked yourself what you want form this life? What could set your could on fire?

What is your vision?

Vision lets you know that even if life is hard now, but it can be better.

Vision lets you know that a prayer not answered today, does not mean never answered.

Vision lets you know that not having knowledge now does not mean not ever learning.

Vision gives you the means to see the light ahead even when you are clothed in darkness.

Your goal, your dream is the light that may seem like a just a pinpoint in the shroud of darkness.

But, know that it is there for you to walk toward! Start walking in faith and the light get brighter.  The cold get warmer.  The sadness lifts.

Stop escaping your life.  Your life does not have to be flat. Life is lived in 3D. You have but one to life. Have vision. Have goals. Then walk towards them. It feels good to move.  What is your vision?

Aim High,



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