The Good Enough Trap

The good enough trap.

You know what I am talking about. The trap that somewhere along the lines you decided it was ok to fall into.

You think to yourself:

I am not attractive enough, strong enough, smart enough…

I don’t have enough to offer… I don’t have enough knowledge…

My voice isn’t good enough… my message isn’t well written enough

Then, the comparison starts….

Look how successful she is… wow, he is so confident… they sure have a lot of letters after their name….

All meaning you are not successful enough… not confident enough… do not have enough education to what they did.

I get it. This was me two years ago. Honestly, looking back, it’s probably why I got my Master’s degree.  I was so worried that I was not enough. I needed the letters behind my name…then I needed the perfect website… the perfect timing… the perfect message.

What you have to know is this feeling of being good enough will determine the risk you take, the depth of your relationships, and ultimately the direction of your life.

Here’s what I know: the feeling of not being good enough is a trap!  A trap to limit you.  And, ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, one day… I finally said forget that! (probably in more explicit words. HA!)

Good enough only arises when you compare yourself to others. And in the age of Facebook and Instagram, comparing yourself is almost too easy.

It’s easy to say stop comparing yourself. I get it.

The better task is asking yourself:

Who would be better at being them: you or them? The answer is always them.

Who would be better at being you: you or them? The answer is always you.

And, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You are enough. You are good enough. You are the expert at you. So, be the best you there is.

The moment you claim the responsibility for your life, the responsibility to be the best you that you can be… you are free.

The moment I stopped looking outward stopped comparing myself, I realized that nobody could do ME better than me, My Life Changed.

When I accepted that I was the problem, that I was holding myself back, I also realized I was the solution. All I had to do was accept the responsibility. That’s when I was free… free to take risks, free to fail, and free to succeed.  I could finally step up and into my own truth. And wow, that feels divine!

Need help turning off those limiting beliefs? Let’s talk.

                                                    Aim high,



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