Stop this habit now…

Stop doing this…

Throughout my day, I hear and see people saying such awful things about themselves and it drives me a little crazy.

I hear them say they are poor.

I hear them say they are fat.

I hear them say they are bad at this or that.

I hear them say they are too busy.

I hear them say they are not smart enough.

I hear them say they have no will power.

I hear them say they are failures.

I hear them say they missed too many opportunities.

I hear them say they are not good enough.

I hear them say their life is chaos.

I hear them say they have no control.

I hear them say one way or another that they can’t.

Sometimes, it makes me want to scream YOU CAN!!!

There is one powerful thing that you can STOP doing that can bring change to your life.


What you think about and what you say becomes your life.  You think you’re poor; you say you’re poor; you’re going to stay poor.  I beg you to remember that thoughts become words and words become action and those actions become your life.

In our household, we have 3 young children.  We have instituted a rule in our home.  You may think it’s extreme.  No one is allowed to say can’t.  It is a curse word here.  We are raising our children to believe that they can.  People try to tell my husband and I “well, they can’t go perform surgery.” You are right, TODAY they would not be allowed to perform surgery, but I guarantee if that is what they decided to do, to be, they would work hard to be able to.

See, gratification is not always instant.   You may have trouble getting to where you want to be, but that doesn’t  mean you can’t work towards it and accomplish the goal.   I wonder how many people told Nick Vujicic, a man born with no arms or legs, he couldn’t.  This amazing man plays football and golf, swims, and surfs, all despite having no limbs.  Y’all he has no arms or legs!!  So, don’t tell me you can’t.

Can’t is a word that takes away choice.  You have choices. You just need to believe that in order to see them.

SO, although today you feel poor, fat, chaotic, not good enough, EVERYTHING can change in a moment.  That moment is the moment you start thinking, then speaking, then doing all the things you CAN do.  Own your life. It’s the only one you get.  Do not be less than when you are actually so much more.   This is not a dress rehearsal.

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