Stop Hiding

I have been thinking a lot about compartmentalization. (dang, that is a long word.)
But for real, we often put ourselves in boxes and show people the parts we want them to see.
We are like, “Ignore that crappy card box over there full of our secret shames.”
Oooh, look at this perfectly wrapped box with the beautiful bow. OPEN THIS ONE!!
I realized this perpetual compartmentalization was not doing me any good.
Like if people didn’t see it, it didn’t exist or I could at least pretend it was not happening.
And, let’s be honest, you are probably doing it, too.

You know like the time you “jokingly” say you are going through the drive-thru when in reality you ARE going to the drive-thru and you are ordering Fries and double cheeseburger. “Cause dang it, you had a long day and your ARE TIRED. But, shhhh, don’t tell anyone.
Or maybe it is when you pretend like you got it covered even if you have about a thousand plates in the air with no help in sight. You might go from the pep talk “I can totally do this” to the “what is wrong with me I am crazy to say I could do all this!” “But, oh no, I have to do this!”
Or maybe you say you are eating salads all the time, but not losing weight while secretly eating that whole bag of chips in the car. (hangs head. #imtotallyguiltyofthis)

Let me be the first to say, “You are not alone. I have been there, too. It’s ok. We can get through this together.”
This compartmentalization…. it’s not doing you any good either.
Our mind asks us, “Why can’t you get it together?” It magnifies our shame and it blocks out our blessings.
Our mind tells us to do more and to be more and only then will we free ourselves from the mess and from the disgrace.
Only then we will know how good our life is. Only then will others love and respect us.
Only then will we be happy.

But this could not be farther from the truth.
Happiness is a choice. Even when everything is a mess, you can still be happy. You can still be loved. You can still feel fulfilled.
And the answer to this fulfillment is as easy as it is hard.
You must look at the mess and feel grateful anyway.
You have a life to lead and joy to be found. The mess will always be there. Share the mess with others.
Be vulnerable. It’s ok. You’re safe.
Enjoy the life you have and if you aren’t happy… be grateful for the things that bring you joy and find a way to change the rest.
You can do this.

Need help finding everyday joy. I can help. Feel free to message me anytime.

In gratitude,



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