Stop Being Afraid

Do you remember when you were little and you stepped into a dark room?

If you were like me, it was pretty frightening.  My imagination conjured up monsters under the bed, scary shadows lurking in the dark, and frightful creatures looking to get me!!!  At one point, I was at a friend’s house and saw the movie Halloween.  So from then on, I thought I saw Michael Meyers glaring out from the closet, ready to attack.  And, although my husband can attest to how I leave open doors and drawers driving him bananas, the Michael Meyers fear has stayed with me. I won’t ever leave a closet door open at night.

So, you may be wondering what the point is to this story.

The point is that I believe as adults we have the same fear.

Whenever we try to do something different, something out of the norm, it is like stepping in a dark room.

Most of us do a little research to find out if we may want to enter.  For instance, you may learn about what activities a specific job requires or you may do some market research to see if you really want to open that new business.

In this metaphor, the research acts as our candle. 

When holding a candle in a very dark room, you only can see a little bit around you. At this point, it easy for your imagination to conjure up monsters in the form of self-doubt, poor public opinion, or feeling unqualified to keep going.

But and this is a very big BUT, if you step in the room with faith, you will notice that with each step, you learn a little more, you see a little more. When you get to the middle of the room, most of it is lit with some blurry edges. If you step closer to blurry edges, they too will be filled with light.

I believe God gave you all you need to get started on any goal. Whether it is going back to school, starting a business, finding a new job, you have the first of the resources you need to start.

Our imaginations are what crush us and scare us just like they did in childhood. But if you keep walking out in faith, the dark room will get lighter. You will keep learning and readjusting and start seeing your future is not so scary.

It is only scary if you don’t bring a candle AND you don’t move forward.

You don’t have to know everything in the beginning. You just have to keep moving, keep acting, and keep your candle with you.  It will light what you need to see in the time you need to see it.

I hope you are blessed with faith this weekend to step into your darkened room and begin to light it.

Have an awesome day doing amazing things!!

Aim High,



  1. Very cool – I liked the metaphor quite a bit. And I completely agree with the things you are saying. Here’s to all of us getting a bit more brave.

    1. Yes, Yvette!! We all have it in us to take one small step at a time.

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