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Welcome to Wildcard Wednesday, this is the day you never know what interesting tidbits I will bring

Ta Daaaaa…. Now you see it, Now You don’t….Brain Magic.

Ok, it’s not magic, it’s science. Today, I want to talk to you about something I have learned about recently and they are Microglia Cells.  Not necessarily being of a scientific mind myself (just full of curiosity), I will give you a quick definition and then tell you what you want to know.  How you can direct these amazing cells to make you better?

Who doesn’t want to be better, baby?!

A Quick SCIENCE lesson (or Skip to the bottom if you just need to know how to use them)

Encyclopedia Britannica describes Microglia as the cells that “mediate immune responses in the central nervous system by acting as macrophages, clearing cellular debris and dead neurons from nervous tissue through the process of phagocytosis (cell eating).” Basically, these cells are the cleaners of the brain.  They get rid of the things you don’t need so that you can make space to learn more and be better. Pretty cool, right?  END SCIENCE LESSON.

Now, how do you get these little guys to work for you?

  • BE MINDFUL: I know you have heard this before. I feel like it’s the mantra of every yoga teacher out there. And, in my own life, I relate the mantra to my mom. Every time I’d lose something growing up, my mom would say “Be mindful of your things.”
  • To make space for all the things you want to learn, you have to let go of the nonsense. Whatever  your mind thinks most about is what the cleaners ignore.  So, if you’re thinking about what you were mad about last week, you’ll keep that memory instead of learning the new skill you were hoping to.  Think about what you’re thinking about. New skill? New job? Devote some time thinking about how you are going to be better at it or how and why it works.
  • To magically erase that silly memory that does nothing for you, do an Elsa and let it go. Whenever it pops up in your brain immediately focus on something else. Eventually, your brain will wipe that bit of insignificance out to make room for your new awesomeness.
  • SLEEP: Your housekeeping or maybe I should say “mindkeeping” services work while you sleep. This means if you are learning a new skill or starting a new job, you need sleep make room for it.  Declutter your mind while you sleep, if only our houses worked that way…   So, take that 20 minute nap during the day (if you can) and get that beauty rest at night.  Make room for the new you.

I am not a doctor or a scientist, so this is not medical advice, but I hope you can use it to be your best self.   Tonight, I am going to put my magic erasers to work so I can learn the latest in communications and inspirations and bring them to you!  As always, let me know what you think about this or new things you want to see!

Aim high,



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