Reality Check

Hey Friends!!  Today is my birthday, but it’s tough love day.  I’m watching the movie JOY and entrepreneurs, it’s a good one. Especially applying to today’s post. But back to reality.

Today is a reality check day.

Are you ready for this?

I’m not sure, but here it goes.

You are already equipped to be whatever you want to be.

You heard me.  You already have the tools to be whatever you want to be.

See, we talked about the secret you had yesterday. That one thing that calls to you. The thing that God placed into your heart.

But, if you’re like most people: First, you will dream about it and think one day. Then, you’ll only take it out and examine it when you’re alone. Then, it will pop up every now and then and you will think if only…

If only I had some more money…

If only I had more time…

If only I knew more…

If only I had someone to help…

If only I was more educated…

If only… Blah blah blah…. Fill in the blank…

What’s your if only? What’s your reason? What’s your excuse?

Get rid of it.

You have what you need.  God has given you all the tools you need for each step of the way. Now, the if only’s are easy to fall back on.  I mean we’d all love the perfect situation where we had enough money, enough time, and enough knowledge.

But, think of the stories you have heard of those who have made it.  When have you ever heard, any of these self-made millionaires say they had the perfect situation??  That does not happen. SO get your slf out of that mindset.

What you do have is enough to get you started today, right now, this moment.  See God gave you what you need to get started and he will continue to give you what you need as each need arises.

You don’t need all the answers. Just start.

If you could trust me on this, you will not regret it. You can learn as you go. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn and you will grow and you will prosper.  You are not lacking. You have what you require already. Just start. Start. Start. Your time is now. Your dream is ready to come out into the open!! Go for it!

Aim high,



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