Ready to W.I.N?

Sometimes… it’s just hard to think. Am I right?

Easy to have those feelings of overwhelm?

Easy to get caught up in the busy instead of the productive?

Easy for a day to go by with nothing to show?

I have been reading a few books this past week and in them every one of the authors spoke of having the choice of overwhelm.  In the past, have never felt like I had the choice to feel overwhelmed or not.

I had so many ideas and so many avenues and so much to take care of for family and kids and school and our home… and suddenly… the day was over. I had gotten nothing done.  I had THOUGHT about everything.  I love to think about things and imagine things and dream big dreams.

But, NEWSFLASH: the world does not care about your dreams unless you are taking action on them!!!!

And, overwhelm is a choice. I will say it again, OVERWHELM IS A CHOICE.

We allow ourselves to focus on so many things that we focus on nothing.  And, if you are not focusing, I can almost guarantee you are not acting or at least not acting effectively.

Here’s what I am trying.

I am beginning to use the WIN method.  It starts by first identifying What is Important Now.

Some of you may rebel against this. I know I did and still do even when I know it works. See, we rebel against it because if you are like me, you are a dreamer, you do think big picture and you have some vision.

While long term goals and vision are essential so are short term action steps.

You must be Present today, in this moment, and MOVE.  MOVE MOVE MOVE.

Even if you are scared, Do It.

Even if you are unsure, Do It.

Even if you don’t know how,  Do It.

Even if you are tired Do It.

Even if you are alone, Do It.

Even if you are hungry, sad, mad, happy, imperfect , lack expert status, Do It.

Ask yourself, what is important now, TODAY, that will get me one step closer to that Goal.  

One small step very day, how do you think that would look in a year?

STOP imagining for one moment and DO.

Tomorrow, you will wish you had acted today.

Aim high,

Amanda Upton

P.S. Let me know your favorite way of determining whats important now.  And, click the subscribe button for my FREE prime your mind CD and great ways to take action on your dreams!


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