Physics 101

Monday Motivation!!!!

Dancing, dancing, dancing.  Hello Monday. I am going to rock this week and so will you!

Today’s Monday motivation may be a bit odd, but hang in there with me.

My kids and I were at the park over the weekend.  It was a beautiful sunny day with just a bit of cloud cover. And, so began the swinging. With 2 little ones, I do a lot of pushing them. (My oldest now can do it alone and frankly, prefers to.)  I love hearing their glee and giggles and sometimes shouts of joy as I push harder and they go higher and higher.  My 5 year old will shout “I’m flying! I’m flying!”  It is so awesome to be a kid.

But, this brings me to thinking about Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. It states:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The swing is a great example of this law. As I push harder (action), the swing comes back to me with equal force (reaction).

Today, I want to encourage you live your life and follow your dreams keeping Newton’s 3rd law in mind.  This law not only applies to the physical.  Whatever you put out, will return to you with equal force.

Don’t put out negativity. Don’t put out drama. Don’t put out sadness.

I encourage you to put out hope, love, and joy.

I encourage you to put out integrity, success, and motivation.

I encourage you to smile, and compliment, and encourage.

Have a week you can be proud of. Go out there and be your awesome self.

Aim High,




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