Overcome Overwhelm

All last week I talked about not worrying and essentially not being fearful.  But, I wanted to share with you that I have my moments, too.  Moments where I worry and I fear and I get paralyzed. I get caught up in the minutia.

It’s easy to do when you have limited resources and a student loan looming for that Master’s degree you thought you needed.  Oh, and 3 kids that are extremely active and who you want to provide the very best for. Also, when you look around and feel there is still so much to clean, so much to organize, just so much!!

I won’t be providing any advice on cleaning your home.  As my husband says, I’m a great mom and a great wife, but a terrible House Wife.  Lol!  #nohousewiferyskills

I want you to know that I understand. I get it. Overwhelm can come from nowhere also known as the dark recesses of your mind where your fears and inadequacies have been hiding just waiting until you have a weak moment.

We all have weak moments.

We all have times where it is hard to see the light in the darkness.

We all have times where we want to scream out, “Just let it be easy… just this one time!”

It’s ok. It really is.  Every time I overcome one of those weak moments, I feel as if I’ve just exercised my anti-overwhelm MUSCLE!! But, trust me, my muscle still needs a lot more work. So, you are not alone.

So, when that happens, here are the steps I take.

  • I tell God. “Hey God. It’s me, Amanda.  I need a little help down here. I am grateful for all I have, but I need help.”
  • I tell my husband. “Hey babe. It’s your wife. (just kidding. He knows it’s me.Ha!) The one that is not so strong as she usually is, the one that’s a little sad and a little fearful. I need a space to talk ad let it all out. Please listen first and give me opinions only when I ask for them.”
  • I do something productive. Anything really. I mean it. Sometimes, I clean something or draw or read a book or help someone else.
  • Then, after I’ve stepped away for a bit. I look at it long term.
  • How will I feel a year ago about this? Will it matter?
  • AM I sweating the small stuff?
  • If I concentrate on my fear vs. my focus, what will next year look like? What will next month look like?
  • Depending on the answers, I usually get back on track. I focus on the Can DO’s. I take action and let go, and let God.

My hubby reminded me there is a simple formula that can ruin your life.

Fear Leads To Inaction And Inaction Is The Killer Of Dreams.


Focus Leads To Action And Action Is The Maker Of Dreams.

So, keep exercising those anti-overwhelm muscles. From personal experience, every time you overcome the overwhelm, you get stronger. Your focus gets better. It takes more to defeat you. Your strength grows.

It takes work to be undefeatable, but you have it in you to rise above.  I know you do.

Keep Aiming High,



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