Need a legit part time ONLINE job? AKA a side hustle while pursuing your dreams?

I have had many inquiries on what to do to either fund your dream, leave your job so you can start your business, or just how to be at home with your kiddos.  I ran across a company called VIPKid advertising for American teachers. Teachers (with American accents) teach Chinese kids to speak English. You don’t need teaching experience. You don’t need to be able to speak Chinese.  The only thing you need is a computer, a bachelor’s degree, clean background, and wish to teach children.

I thought, “ok, I qualify for this.” Then, I immediately looked them up on Indeed. Ain’t nobody got time for a scam. And, YES! They are a real company. People like to work for them. They really are hiring!

I CAN WORK FROM HOME ONLINE while being a mom and building my business!!

Interested? Sound like a fit? APPLY HERE.

So, I applied, interviewed, did a mock lesson, got hired, and fell in love with all my Chinese Kiddos.

Before I applied to VIPKid, I had so many questions:

What are the hours like? It’s up to you. You set your hours.

How much can I make? 14/22 an hr. That’s excellent for a part time job!

How much preparation does each class take? They do most of the prep for you. You need to have a few props. (Full Disclosure. I mostly use my kids toys!)

FAQ section coming soon for more questions and answers.

After teaching for VIPKid for close to a year, I have come to many conclusions.

  • I love teaching my Chinese kids. My regulars genuinely make me smile and bring a special light to my day. Even when I don’t need the money, I still teach my regulars. I love them!
  • Since I began many improvements have been made to the company. They ask teachers want the want, what would make their jobs easier and (SHOCKER!) They actually take action on it!
  • There is always an incentive going on. Right now, You can win a trip to China! Awesomesauce!
  • As a parent, I teach when my kids are asleep. (Early mornings work the best for me.)
  • People use their money for all sorts of things: fulltime income, fund their dreams, pay off debt, vacation fund.
  • It’s fun!


Interested? Sound like a fit? APPLY HERE.

Feel free to email me, I am happy to help.

Who knows this could fund whatever dream you have whether it be starting a business, staying home with your kids, or being debt free!

                                                   Aim High,



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