Magnolia Story

For Christmas, I received a copy of the Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines from my mother-in-law.  I am a huge Fixer Upper and HGTV fan.  At first glance, you might wonder why this is worthy of a book review for people seeking their dreams.  But, trust me, you want to read this.

I described it to my husband as a low-key inspirational book.  Magnolia Story is a motivational book in its own quiet way.  It’s written, more like a conversation with an aim to help you understand how Chip and Joanna Gaines got to where they are in their life. It looks pretty good from here…am I right?

But, it wasn’t all fun and games and happily ever after. It’s a book about persistence, relationships, balancing it all, and adjustments you make along the way to get where you want to be.

It turns out that Chip always had an entrepreneurial spirit and owned many a business in trying to find the perfect fit.  There are plenty of Chip stories in this book that will make you laugh, cringe, and be just plain blown away… like that time he went to jail.  But, his is a story of trying and trying and trying, staying true to himself, and keeping his integrity through it all.

On the other side, what surprised me most was that Joanna did not set out to be a designer.  In fact, she never went to school for design! She was self taught.  Originally, she went to school for broadcast journalism.   Say what!?? She even worked in New York on a famous show.  Finding this out made me want to scream out (myself included) “You have what you need!!! Use it and you will gain more of what you need!!”

Chip and Joanna Gaines are two people that pushed and pushed and did not give up.  They were willing to adjust. They were willing to be creative.  They were willing to face fears, take risks, and live a life less ordinary and more extraordinary.

I was inspired so much, maybe I’ll move to a little farm in the country with lots of animals.  Just kidding, the 3 animals I call my children will do. HA!

But, on a serious note, don’t miss this book if you are looking for a departure from the traditional motivation and self-help books.  This book will resonate with you if you want to see ordinary people live extraordinary lives.

Buy it here>>> The Magnolia Story

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