How to Live in the Present

Look, now that we’ve gotten the worrying out of the way or at least at bay, let’s talk more about how to live with decisions and how to capitalize on them.

There is only one way to make the most of the decision.  Look neither forwards, nor backwards, live in this moment.

I know you have heard this be present mantra before. And, it sounds good right?

Then life takes over or in some cases we just get a ding on our phone and we tune out. We start living in the future or in the past.  We start living in someone else’s world.  We forget about our real world that’s here right now.  We forget it is magical to feel yourself grow because you actually did something you wanted/ needed/ found time to do.

Here’s the thing, though. If you keep looking forwards and backwards you miss the right now. And, you will probably miss the opportunity to enjoy your journey. In some cases, you sabotage your journey.

William Osler coined this phrase, “day tight compartment.”  The theory is that you do the things you need to do, just for today.  While your goals often call for long range planning and consistency, you treat the activities needed to obtain the goal as doing them just for today. It will blow you mind how much easier it is to choose to correct/start a habit, just for today!!

So, I want to give you an example from my life. I am a mom of three pretty awesome kids. After the first two babies, I seemed to bounce right back into shape.  I did some time outside, some time (ok hardly any)  in the gym, and limited some of my serving sizes, but that’s about all.

My third baby is about to turn three. He is a spunky little guy full of energy. He also keeps me on my toes because we found out early on that he had a severe egg and dairy allergy.  Not only would I have to be vigilant about diet, I’d have to be the ultimate helicopter mom anytime food was in play.  With this added stress, I stopped worrying about my own diet and just worried about my little Ryderman’s diet.

I started emotional eating. I’d never done that before.  And, recently I stepped on the scale and realized instead of going down, I was going up.  Nooooooo!!! I visualized where I wanted to be and tried to go on a diet and commit to the gym. But, dang, restrictions are hard. In my head I kept thinking, when can I eat dessert?!?! I want it now!!! I want a chocolate bar!!!   <<<that’s me getting hangry.  (Side note, it appears enough people get hangry (hungry/angry) that it’s officially a word in spell check!)

The point of this story is to tell you how I use “day tight compartments.” I don’t commit to eating right every day. I commit to eating right just for today.  I’m actively attempting to live in a “day tight compartment.”   In fact, last night we had an allergy scare and ended up waiting outside the ER for a little over an hour.  If Ryderman seems extra swollen or drooly we park in ER parking lot so that if we have to administer EPIPen we are already close to the doctors.

Needless to say, hubby and I were both exhausted.  It would have been easy to break and head to a drive through, but I thought “I just need to finish eating healthy for today” and it helped me put the craving on the back burner. So, really, live in a “day tight compartment.” It works!!

And, living in the” it’s just for today” allows me to soak in the day. I don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. I live in the right now.  And, really, it is so much easier to live in the present once you get used to doing so.

What does your day tight compartment look like? What are you going to do “just for today.”

I plan to do another post about goals and living in the present next. Hope you will stay tuned.

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Aim High,



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