Do you see your greatness?

Do you ever watch shows like Americs’s Got Talent or The Voice?

Why oh why are these shows so popular that masses of people watch them, talk about them, and even vote on them?

It’s simple.

There is a part of them that calls to us. These amazing performances call to our minds, our hearts, and our very souls.

In them, we see greatness exposed.

Raw and vulnerable and simply magnificent.

This kind of greatness inspires us and creates an incredible longing in us.

I am literally always moved to tears or at least goosebumps when you catch that bit of awesomeness.

The reason that we love these shows so much is that LIKE attracts LIKE.

By recognizing what you respond to, you get to have a glimpse of where your OWN greatness lies because LIKE attracts LIKE.

Whatever you see in others is also within you.

The only difference is these people let their greatness in all its vulnerability, in all its rawness, in all its braveness be exposed for all of us to judge, to criticize, and to celebrate.

They had the courage to spotlight it.

They let go of what people may think and just did it.

There is strength in that.

You have the ability to do the same.

You have greatness within you.

It’s time to stop hiding, stop making excuses, stop worrying.

It’s your time to be brave.

Let me see your Greatness!


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