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I want to give you something actionable, not just another motivation rah rah. While I love those and find them necessary, we all need some actionable steps, too!

So, we are tackling some shame and mistaken beliefs. Let’s go. >>>> Link to the FB Live I did on this<<<<<

How to get rid of that little voice of shame that seems so loud sometimes.

Mistaken beliefs are ideas about yourself that we hold as true but actually are not.

Mistaken beliefs are usually based on the idea that we need approval from something outside of ourselves.

Mistaken Beliefs devalue your self-worth.
We have all developed some and they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Let’s nip that in the bud, shall we?

Some examples could be:

I don’t have time.
I don’t have the talent.
Life is a struggle.
I am nothing without other people’s approval.
If I can’t do everything for my child, I am a bad mom.

Here are five questions to ask yourself when you have identified what could be your mistaken belief.

1) If I look objectively at all my life experience: Is there evidence to support this belief?

2) Is this belief always true for me?

3) If I hold this belief what are the positive and negative outcomes?

4) DId I choose this belief or have I been influenced by family, friends, or media?

and so important!!>>>

5) Does this belief encourage my own well being and peace of mind?

Ready to choose your new belief?

Make a counter statement you tell yourself on a daily basis until you no longer feel the nudge of the mistaken belief.

For example:

Mistaken Belief: I am a victim of outside circumstances.

New Belief (counter statement): I am in control of my own life. I am responsible for me. I can control how I react and my attitude when hard things happen.

Mistaken Belief: I don’t take risks because I might fail. If I fail, people will reject me.

New Belief (counter statement): It is alright to take risks and it makes no difference if I fail. My people still love me. It’s ok to be successful, too.

Let me know if you need help with identifying mistaken beliefs or coming up with counter statements.

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