Get over your fear by…

Fear.  Flat out mind numbing, heart racing, can’t move fear.

We have all had those moments in life.  Those moments where the goal seems too big, too far away, where we are so afraid that we can’t even work toward what we really want in life.

We are scared the goal is too big, too ambitious.

We are scared we will look stupid or be judged.

We scared we have too many responsibilities.

We are scared that we don’t know enough.

We are scared that we are not smart enough, not strong enough, not focused enough to accomplish the goal.

I have been scared most of my adult life.  I grew up with people telling me how smart I was and that I could do anything.   And, I am grateful for this. I truly think it built a solid foundation for me in the end. But, I used it as an excuse to be afraid. And for me, my fear had stopped me from really chasing my dreams.  Frankly, I was afraid that these people were wrong or if they were right, I could not live up to my potential. I could not fill this space they had made for me. My mom even admitted recently that she wished things had been harder for me, not as easy to get the A, not as easy period.And, maybe she is right, maybe I would have learned earlier on how to persevere. I’m not sure. See the truth is we all have baggage. Baggage that seems important to us. Baggage that we feel has held us back. I’m here to tell you to drop the bags.

Now, for you, maybe you had all that same support or maybe you didn’t.   Maybe you had everyone tell you that you were not smart, that you didn’t know enough, that you weren’t the right kind of person to pursue that kind of dream.  They were wrong. We all have the potential for greatness.

Potential is one of the scariest words out there. Potential is all this untapped energy and light and beauty that we all have within us. But, how how how do we get it out for the world to see?

No matter what you were told, I am here to tell you that you can’t let others hold you back.  Truly, in the end, it is not others who hold us down. It is our own selves.We are the only limit to our greatness. We who believe what others think. We who have negative self talk and negative self belief. We who refuse to more. We who refuse to put down our bags.

Now, on to the how to part of this.  How do I let go of the fear of not being worthy, the fear of not being enough?

I only know of one way to get rid of fear.


Don’t get stuck thinking, wishing, hoping because fear can darken the door of the mind.  YOU MUST TRY.

1)  Brain storm any and all action you could take . WRITE IT DOWN.

2)  List action steps in order of ease.

3)  Commit to doing ONE action each day. WRITE IT DOWN.

If you actually do this, each day you will grow more confident and more competent.  Confidence is the true killer of fear.  You gain confidence by doing.

Want to be a better speaker? Learn more. Speak more.

Want to be a writer? learn more.Write more.

Want to be better sales person? Learn more. Put learning into action and sell more.

See, you must try. You must act.

I only started this blog, this mission to share more and do more, because I decided enough was enough.

Each day that I learn and I write, I feel stronger. I made the decision and finally am sticking to it. Let’s inspire each other. Share with me what your goal is and your first action step.

As Yoda says, “Try! No! There is no try! Only Do.”

Aim High,




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