Get Over It and Get Successful

Hello Dreamers and Doers!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day.  I want to share with you an idea I had pretty recently that I put in action.  First, I want to tell you I love it and I think you will, too. Second, it has really helped win over my success mindset.

So, the idea starts by designating a section of  your success notebook to it. You need the kind of notebook that you keep with you, so it should fit in a bag and be easy to carry around.  Don’t have a success notebook? Get one!

So here is the plan:

In the Success Notebook, you write all your success activities down. Success activities are any activity or task that help you take a step forward in your business or life. 

I personally am keeping a rolling account, so as I think of one I write it down as a the start of a sentence.

The first part of the sentence addresses the Specific Success Activity.

So, it should look something like this:

When I (insert your specific success activity)…

The second part of the sentence is how you feel once you complete the activity.

… I feel  (insert positive feeling).

You can imagine how it would feel if you complete it. Keep it simple and positive.

So for example:

When I (insert your specific success activity)… I feel (insert positive feeling). Even if you don’t necessarily feel that great about it. Ridding yourself of the negativity surrounding some of the success activities will keep you moving and doing what it take to be successful.

Example #1: When I complete a blog post I feel accomplished and excited.

Example #2: When I speak to someone about mindset coaching I feel pumped up and happy with myself.

Example #3: When I review my financial business accounts, I feel strong like I can work through any problem and can better plan my business strategies.

This activity is great to do with all your success activities, but it especially is helpful for the things you hate to do.

But, there is a catch to how helpful this activity can be. First, you have to actually write it down. Second, you must reinforce the feeling by reading it over and over.  I suggest at least once a day, but twice a day is better and reading it out loud is the absolute best.

Remember, that you may not like the activity. You may even hate the activity.  In the road to success, it is not all butterflies and rainbows. It is doing what is necessary when it is necessary. You might as well start liking the things that will get you where you want to be.

By doing this activity, you will train your brain to keep doing the things that make you feel successful and happy. When I feel good, I do more. What about you?

Again, this works awesome for things you hate doing, but you know you need to do.

Here are 3 of my favorite:

For when you want a mini notebook to carry in your pocket. (Also, good for recording ideas.)

OR when you like to see motivational quotes right alongside your success activities.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST for the artists…

Let me know how it goes for you.  Get over it and get successful.

Aim high,



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