I won’t stop Worrying and Neither should You

People say things like you don’t need to worry.  Stop being anxious. And, I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen Stop Worrying for Good or Stop Worry Now. I am here to offer a different take on the quit worrying bandwagon.

I am here to tell you there are times to worry and question and feel caution.  There is a need to think of the future and consider your choices.

That being said, there is a story I want to share.

I recently read about a woman who was at a hose race. She looked all around her and saw people placing bets.  She, herself, loves to gamble on the horserace. She loves the thrill of placing the bet and then watching the race as the horses fly around the track.  She loves watching the beauty and grace of the horses as they carry those nimble jockeys around.  She loves the speed of the race. But, before the race was about to start, she noticed something. She saw people chewing their nails. She saw people wondering aloud if they placed the right bet.  She saw people in a state of anxiety and worry. These people were not seeing the beauty of the race. They were caught up in fear and anxiety.

She realized she was excited, but not fearful. Let’s face it, betting is never an exact science.  There was a chance she would lose her money. So, why was this woman not worrying after she placed her bet?

She had already done all her worrying before she placed the bet in the first place! 

She had already calculated risk and reward and knew that it was worth it to place the bet.  Once the bet was placed, she could stop and enjoy the race.

This really caught me on a personal level. I really cannot tell you the amount of times that I have made a decision, then worried about the decision or been paralyzed by the decision.  I must admit this has happened even when I have considered risk and reward. Are you with me on this?

But, after reading the story about this woman, something clicked for me.

Worrying can take the joy out of our lives if we do it at the wrong time.  The time to worry is before the decision has been made.  Those of you thinking about running your own business or about trying something new or putting yourself out there:

It’s ok to worry. It’s ok to be cautious. BEFORE THE DECISION.  But, and please hear me, once you make the decision, commit to the work not to the worry

After the decision, work on the steps necessary to be successful.  It’s like I’ve said before, MOVE!  My husband is fond of saying he’s like a shark. He keep swimming no matter what. Be open to readjusting.  You need to stay on top of what is actually happening.

The problem is most of us focus on the “what could happens”( the worries) versus reality.

When the gears are set in motion, stop expending energy on worry.  The more you worry, the less you work.  The more you worry, the less you see. The more you worry, the greater chance that you will miss the beauty of your own race.

So, instead of trying to do the impossible and not worry, I am a mom after all.  I am committed to worrying before I make a decision.  I will think and ponder and assess risk.  Then, I will commit and work.  What about you? Tink you can control when you worry? I’m betting on you and your race and I bet you can do this!  Let me know what you think!


Here is a list of 7 things you can do instead of worrying once you make a decision:

  • Look around and find something in the right now, the present moment that is beautiful to you.
  • Stop and imagine what could go right.
  • Make a list of the rewards that could happen because of this decision.
  • Play a song that makes you feel good about yourself and/or your life.
  • Stop and be grateful.
  • Acknowledge the worry and then consciously decide to move on to something productive.
  • #1 best thing to do: Do one thing to move ahead. Just one action can change everything.



Aim High,



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