Did you miss this at Daylight Savings time?

I did something exciting this weekend.

It was daylight savings time and I DIDN’T sleep in the extra hour.

You say whoa whoa whao. What’s exciting about that? Who would willingly give up that extra hour of lovely sleep especially to wake up in darkness?

Me, me, me.

I wish I had known I was going to do this last week. I would have had you join me!

See, it is hard to get up earlier, but I knew adding an extra morning hour to my day would make me happier. And, the easiest time to get up earlier is when it doesn’t really feel like it is actually earlier. Here comes daylight savings to the rescue.

Confession: Daylight savings time often falls near my birthday.  I would celebrate the fact that I could stay out an hour later. Nowadays, touching lives and working my business is what truly makes me happiest.

So, I am writing this to encourage you start your hour earlier NOW Today, before you have time to get used to the change.  It’s not too late!!! What could you do with an extra hour in your day?

I can actually get out of bed and have some peaceful time to myself to visualize and get my mind positive and ready to face the day. I also want to add in some journaling. What will you do with yours??

Aim high,



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