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Day 7 Not So Comfy Challenge

So, as a not so comfy challenge, I attempted to do a technology free day.

I strategically placed the challenge on a day when I was taking my 3 crazy children to the water park. I knew we could avoid TV in the morning because we were getting ready. I knew we could avoid it at night because we would be exhausted (and I thought at least 2 would be asleep before we even made it home). I also didn’t need the GPS and my hubby was with his boss, so I knew I would not speak to him anyway.

Well, long story short, I didn’t even make it to the water park before I used the phone.  Our tenants had an issue.  Once I gave in used the phone, it was easier to do it again. All in all, I used the phone 3 times, took 2 pictures, sent 3 texts, and watched a movie I don’t even like when I got home.


Total Fail.

My biggest takeaway:

Don’t negotiate with yourself.  What I mean by this is in our head, it’s easy to say just one bite, just one text, just one time.  But, the moment you get to the edge of temptation, it is easy to jump over.

So, whatever goal you have set for yourself, don’t allow YOU to talk yourself into doing it just a little.

Trust me, I get it. I have done this and not just with technology. I have done this with cake and other yummy things. I have done this with exercising. I have done this with self-commitments. This technology challenge made it glaringly obvious. Whew!!

When you decide to do something, get committed quickly.

If you allow small things to lead you astray, those small things can turn into big things. Those big things will sabotage your goals. So, as Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”  The moment you give in paves the way to give up.

While giving up technology turned out harder than I thought it would, I still stayed present with the most important people in my life by limiting myself. And, not so shockingly, the kids basked in the undivided attention. So, I felt a lot of joy and they did, too.

I don’t have plans to do another technology challenge, but I am going to limit mine and theirs more throughout the summer.

I just have to think about how annoying it is for me when they are playing a game or watching TV and don’t hear or acknowledge me.  No need for me to imagine how they feel when I do the same.  I get it. We all crave real connection and real undivided attention.

We also all want to reach our goals. So, stop negotiating with yourself. Stop giving in. You’re strong. You’re able. Now, just get committed.

How about you? What do you think of going technology free?


Aim high,


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