Day 6 Not So Comfy Challenge

Thanks for coming back!

I went on vacation with my hubby to Ireland and left the internet behind.  So sorry for the hiatus, but it gave me a little time to refocus and just enjoy living.  It gets tough when you are a mom of 3 to have time to just think on what makes you tick and spend some quality time with your best friend i.e. the hubby. Although, it was “work” trip, it was a celebration of the best of the best in Ryan’s company.

I was fortunate to meet and spend time with Ryan’s teammates. I’d heard so many good things about them from Ryan and it was awesome to put faces to names.

Let me tell you, they are smart, kind, and extremely funny individuals and their spouses/family members/ and partners are pretty darn great, too. I totally get why these people are the top people in the company.  They work hard and focus on their goals, but they are also a total joy to be around.

I felt totally inspired to be in the presence of so much greatness.

Which reminds me, I have not finished what I had started and it is time to get back to my 25 Day Not So Comfy Challenge. So, my first challenge back has a lot to do with getting right with my soul.

Today, I would say that I completed another uncomfortable challenge, but I must admit that it is not completed nor never will be.

Today, I went to church. (No, that was not the challenge.:)) Most times I spend the worship clasping my hands tightly together slightly self-conscious.  I basically hold my hands prisoner. I have no idea why I won’t ever just let them float up in praise. I believe God deserves my praise, but the totally flawed part of me is embarassed in some weird way. And, usually I allow myself to praise God even if I have jailed my arms.  Raising your hands up in worship is not required. I still feeling connected to God and  am still singing His praises. But, I know I am holding back.

I am always grateful for the time I spend in total appreciation for the heart that beats within me, the life I have been allowed to lead, and the joys and I have been given.  But, I have long felt like I have not worshiped in abandon with only the connection of God as my only focus.

Today that was my challenge.  I wanted to truly be with God and worship with abandon.  And, maybe it seems a bit odd to make the decision to do anything with abandon.  It feels like that shouldn’t require thought, shouldn’t require decision, and shouldn’t require committing to an action.

But, like most important things, it did require thought, decision, and commitment.

So, today while I started with my hands clasped together so tightly, I let them break apart. Palms in the air, arms slowly rising, tears freely falling as I praised His name. My soul felt free. I felt consumed by the spirit. And, the indescribable thankfulness and peace I experienced were things that I had not felt in a very long time.

It was a reminder of what I live for and what is important.  By giving up myself for mere moments, I gained renewed clarity. God is good!

And, while this isn’t necessarily a religious post, I hope if you are reading this and feel lost or abandoned or like you have gone so far there is going back, God loves you and there is a purpose for your life.

You must simply decide and commit to live it.  God bless you all. #25daynotsocomfychallenge

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Aim high,



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