Day 5 Not So Comfy Challenge

I am one luck y lady. I married a good man.  He sent me off to a hotel for a night. By. MY. SELF.

Like most moms, I never do anything by myself!  There is always at least one of my babies tagging along. And even before babies, I have never lived alone in my life. This means I have had very few occasions to just simply be and treat myself.

I got to the hotel and was greeted by soaring ceilings, sparkly chandeliers, and friendly faces. I rode the elevator to the top floor and looked out over Virginia Beach from above.  I took a deep breath and felt grateful for the silence.

But, then my stomach started rumbling and I knew it was time to eat.

When I found out, I would be going away, I thought I would order something at the hotel. Then, I wouldn’t have to speak to anybody. I wouldn’t have to put on makeup or dress up. I could stay in my comfy cave and just enjoy having no one who needs me for anything.

But, this was a challenge day, so I decided to step out.

I got dressed, put on some makeup, and went to a local restaurant, the Cobalt Grill.

I was free, unshackled, unleashed and it felt so good.

I indulged in a delicious glass of Pinot Noir and had bread pudding for dessert.

Being on the phone mindlessly would have been my normal mode of operation, so I decided that would be cheating. A distraction free eating experience with nothing to relieve and awkwardness I might be feeling.

I did allow myself to work and think. So, brainstormed some T-shirts that I hope to have on the site by June.

I pulled out my planner and worked on setting up more challenges. I told the bartender about my Not So Comfy challenges he gave me some suggestions like volunteer somewhere I wouldn’t normally and to try Hot Yoga. He even gave me a free pass to Hot Yoga. Score!

When I got back to my room, I felt light as a feather. I put on a face mask, relaxed and fell asleep reading a book.


Take some time to think about you.


Like many things we avoid, I don’t know why it took me so long to do this. There is really nothing to fear about eating alone. There is tons of freedom in just enjoying the moment with a nice glass of wine.

And, while eating out alone did not change my life in any considerable way, it is a form of self-care. It is liberating to only take care of you.

So, my takeaway is to remind yourself that it is ok to sometimes only think about YOU.

I think time alone taking care of our own needs equips us to be better moms/dads and to better deal with the world at large. It gives us freedom to make decisions that are good for us. All in all, I think it makes us better people.

I went home to my wonderful hubby and felt renewed patience and revived energy and enjoyment with my kiddos. I also felt ready to refocus on my business.

So, in your too busy life, I encourage you to take an hour (or more if you can) and do something just for you. You will feel so much better for it!


Will you join in doing something Not So Comfy? If so, I hope you share your story with me here or follow me on FACEBOOK to see some live Not So Comfy challenges….. like eat a bug.

Aim High,



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