Day 4 Not So Comfy Challenge

Pink Hair Day.  I just spent a good deal of money getting summer ready and going uber blonde. But, after making sure that colored hairspray would come out, I decided to go Pink!

Pink hair is not a first for me. I wish I could find some of my old pictures. When I did study abroad in England, my  me add bright pink dye to my hair.  The flat we lived in actually had quite a large bathroom so 6 girls circling my head and deciding how much and where it should go worked out. This led to me having  pink hair along with pink ears for a while. Ha!

You may be thinking, well then what’s the point of doing it again right now. Been there done that.

Only  there is a voice inside me says that it is not for me anymore. Pink hair was for the Amanda that was a bit wilder and a bit more focused on being bold. That was for the younger, more fun Amanda. I’m too grown up for that.

Well, forget that!

And if you have brightly colored hair, good for you! I admire your boldness and willingness to stand out from the crowd.

But, morning came of the day for pink hair and my boldness wore off a little. I admit, I thought heavily about doing it after school drop off.

These first challenges have really made me think about the excuses we give ourself to avoid the things that make us uncomfortable. We have plenty of them. Our brain just wants to keep us safe and avoid pain so it provides any story it needs to in order for us to stay tucked in nice and cozy in our comfort zone.

My brain was saying,  “well, we can just do it after we see the other school moms and teachers. We’re still doing it, right? I mean, cuz, we totally can think of something else. Then,  what if it doesn’t come out!?!? I have been assured it will, but what if it doesn’t!?

The fearful part of me wanted to talk me out of it. Ever had something like that happen to you? You wanted to do it, but the fear kept whispering (or sometimes yelling) “Don’t. This is too_________(fill in the blank).” Or this is not for you because_____________ (fill in the blank)”

We all have stories we tell ourselves.

But, I sprayed my hair to the delight of all my children. Especially my 5 y/o little El. She has made me agree to dying her hair pink as soon as school is out.

So, out the door we went. I wore it to school drop off. I wore it to Target. I wore it around my neighborhood. I wore it to the zoo. No reaction. I am serious. This thing that I was so uncomfortable with literally made no adult bat an eye. No one stared or whispered. No one pointed or laughed. And, it turned out my hubby loved it.

So, it was just another reminder of how we are not really good predictors of the future. We think people will judge us, but most people are too busy worrying about their own lives. They don’t have the time or energy to worry about you.

However, I did get some great reaction from kids.

A 10 y/o girl in neighborhood who had pink in the tips of her long hair got excited and told me how much she loved it.

Another little kindergartener said, “oooh, I just love your hair. That is so preeeeeeetty.”

And the last comment was my favorite. It was said by a slightly serious kindergartener in my daughter’s dance class. She said in horror, “What did you do to your hair!?!? My dad told me that coloring your hair is very unhealthy. Annnnnd, (in a very stern voice) my dad said that it will make your hair fall out. So, I hope you still have hair after this.”  HA! Me too, kid. Me, too.

And actually around 11pm I freaked out thinking this kid may be right. My first shampoo did not get it out. Did I ruin my hair!? I resorted to some dawn dish liquid and boom…blonde again!

So, go do something bold outside your comfort zone. You may find it’s not that big a deal.

Will you join in doing something Not So Comfy? If so, I hope you share your story with me here or follow me on FACEBOOK to see some live Not So Comfy challenges….. like eat a bug.

Aim High,



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