Day 3 Not So Comfy Challenge

Whoa, it’s a great day! If you missed the previous days start here to learn about it and here for Day 1.

We (meaning the kids and I) are calling this challenge Sidewalk Love.  I told my children the night before to get their sidewalk chalk ready because after school we would be using it to encourage our neighbors.  We would walk around writing inspiring quotes and generally sending love out to all who may come across them.

I want to share something with you. This day it was pretty hot. By the end afternoon, I was tired and didn’t really feel like encouraging others. Ever felt that way?

Then, my son fell on his face/nose pretty badly and I thought that being safe inside would be the best place for him. I mean I was ready, really ready latch onto this excuse.

But, my kids were having none of it. If you have kids you know that if you tell them that you are going to do something that they might enjoy they will NOT leave you be until you do it. I like to think of them as my little accountability partners.  Then, my 3y/o Ryman was ready to be out on his little Ybike scrapes and bumps forgotton. So, nothing to stop me at that point except myself.

Thirdly, I remembered why this was a challenge.  I don’t know if you saw this post. In it, there was a quote that profoundly moved me.

Deirdre Sullivan wrote, In my humdrum life, the daily battle hasn’t been good versus evil. It’s hardly so epic. Most days, my real battle is doing good versus doing nothing.”

It’s so easy to do nothing.  And, most times it’s our default. At least, it’s mine. With 3 active kids and starting a new business it, it’s easy to be too busy to do good.

Writing that down makes me sad. But, this is why I wanted to challenge myself. I want to move past a default life.

After herding the crew and stepping off our front porch, we picked up 2 neightborhood friends to set out on doing some good.

It was actually really fun! We looked up some quotes and made up some quotes. Things like “just keep swimming,” “You are loved,” and “True Beauty is found in Kindness.”  And, randomly “you’re a great singer,” (hopefully a singer will see that one) and “you are great at art.”

And, we had our autistic teen neighbor write the most beautiful dedication to his mom.  He said his mom was beautiful and wonderful and “loved him like the lord loves.” And, really he wrote it much more eloquently than I am able to remember. It is also  the most indepth conversation I’ve had with him. It was a wonderful moment.

We hoped others would get the same sense of joy reading it as we did doing it.

That day, I was reminded why it’s important to spread kindness. The person being kind gets a great deal of joy from doing it. I also remember why living a default life robs you of beautiful moments. I’m so glad I rose above my excuses!

So, I ask you, can you turn off the default button on your life?  Is there something kind you can do today?

Also, will you join in doing something Not So Comfy? If so, I hope you share your story with me here or on Facebook.

Aim high,



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