Day 2 Not So Comfy Challenge

I shouldn’t have done that #hiit…. Ha! I know what you are thinking, but I am talking about the High Intensity Interval Training. It literally left me down and out for a couple days!!

So, here is the deal, I needed something quick that I could do at the end of the day, cause y’all know Mommin’ ain’t easy and it is time consuming. So, it was either do this crazy work out or get my nose pierced. I chose this 30 minute workout. And, before anybody scoffs at the little amount of time, know this: I was shaking so badly, I literally almost fell down at the end. So, there is that.
And really, is there anything more uncomfortable than going into a room with people who all look like they are in great shape knowing you have a lot more effort to put into your own health? Nope.
So, here is how it went.
Dinner time with the family with kid requested Spaghetti and meatballs. Ryan and I had spaghetti squash with meatballs (summers coming, y’all.) So, we’re eating and the kids are like what’s your challenge tonight mom? And, I realize I still have not decided. So, I quickly discuss getting my nose pierced and look up and see if the Y has any out of my box group exercise classes. Finding that they do, I commit to exercising and wishing I hadn’t eating so much.
Let me first say, I am more of a Zumba girl. No one yells. There is no loud beeping telling you to quickly move on to the next exercise. There is lots of smiling and laughter. My awkwardness doesn’t bother me.
Enter the High Intensity Interval Training Room and see the instructor has one of those headset microphones. This is serious. I mean the room is really not even that big. She’s already counting down till the start while yelling for people to get 3 sets of weights, a mat, and a step (that you have to put together). I grab the lightest weights I can. (Don’t judge.) A 1lb, 3lb, and 5lb. And, we are off. I am amidst regulars who tell me, “This class is so fun. You’re gonna love it!”
I am very optimistic, but in this case I wasn’t convinced.
I discover a kindred spirit in another newbie and we laughed with each other between the grunting. I even let her borrow one of my 1lb weights when she realized that 2lb was a mistake! Ha!
Let me just say, the class goes by in a blur of pain between the stepping, lunging and jumping, the sit ups with weights, and the planking, moving, pushups. Meanwhile, I am taking clips on my phone which kept getting me funny looks from the instructor. By the time the class was over, my legs had given out and my arms felt like jelly. Two days later and I am still grimacing as I bend down and go up stairs. To be honest, walking was a trial the next day.
But, you know what? I think I am going to do it again next week.
You know why? It pushed my limits.
To even try something new with a group of people you don’t know takes guts. So, I gave myself a pat on the back for even being there.
Then, I kept going even when it sucked. I kept going even when it was painful. I kept going even when I wanted to give up. It was small dose or what perseverance really looks like in action.
In this case, going out of my comfort zone made me feel strong both physically and mentally.
I think strength is something we all long for in our lives. Let’s face it, there are many times when we are weak. And sometimes there comes an opportunity to help us remember how strong we are. That knowledge can help us take life head on instead hiding from it. So, here’s to strength my friends! It’s just hiding under our weaknesses.
Will you join in doing something Not So Comfy? If so, I hope you share your story with me.
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