Day 1 Not So Comfy Challenge

DAY #1 Not So Comfy Challenge (April 24th)

So, I admit it. I started with something only slightly uncomfortable.  But still, something the adult in me has given up do to the mess and general chaos that ensues afterwards.

Also, I needed an activity that I could do with my 3 kids. I wanted to share with them what I was doing. I wanted them to understand that even in discomfort there can be feelings of joy and a little bit of magic. And, they got it and so did I.

When they got home from school we went for a walk in the rain. It was about 60 degrees with stormy gray clouds hovering above. I went sans jacket and with flip flops to get the full experience… and frankly it turned into a beautiful memory to carry with me.

So, as we left the house, suddenly it started to be less of a rain and more of a drizzle. But, we (ok, they) decided we were going to splash in all the puddles even the gross ones anyway. We were going to shake trees so the water would pour down on our heads. We were going to look at birds and examine flowers.

As we began our walk, they decided that I was their target. After all, I was the one who wanted to be uncomfortable. They decided to do everything possible to take full advantage of the situation.  They had the freedom of not trying to be careful and not worrying how far the water was splash.

Every time they would jump in a puddle, they would pick a spot for me to stand so that I was the one who got the full effect of the water spraying into the air. In other words, I quickly became covered in water.  Then, they would laugh and laugh. Their giggles radiated pure happiness. So, even damp and dirty, I could not help but smile, too.

Then, they made me leap into the puddles, too as they yelled, “Mommy jump harder. Mommy jump higher!”  Lil E even took the pictures as Ryman laughed and pointed. Their faces were literally lit up.

Cars passed. People looked. I didn’t care. This small moment outside my comfort zone gave my children the type of joy a day at Chuck E. Cheese couldn’t inspire.  We were all filled with childlike wonder.  And, the girls told me that God was with us in the rain following us, which truly touched my soul.

As the water flowed and my pants got wetter, my heart grew bigger.

I learned that my 5 y/o had been reading (by herself) a bird book and could identify different types of birds! She showed me a Woodpecker and told me how the pecked the wood to find bugs to eat within the tree and we identified a Robin flying from tree to tree.  We compared different flower bushes noting the similarities and differences. She attempted to teach Ryman (who’s 3) how to count to 20. We held hands. We grew closer. It was so wonderful.

So, from my first not so comfy experience, I learned that avoiding things because they are a bit inconvenient takes us out of the childlike state of appreciation of the world around us.  I forgot how fun it is just to do something just because and with no expectation.

I learned about simplicity. Puddles and rain are so simple. But, maybe it’s the simple things that can give us the most peace, the most joy, and the most connection to the people around us and connection with the Lord above.  And, these things peace, joy, connection are worth more than gold, more than things we surround ourselves with and consider to be so important. These are things that fill a heart. These are things that remind us of all the beauty that constantly surround us. These are things that are truly fulfilling.

One small act in an often too busy life made a memory that will live with me and provided a deeper relationship with my children. My uncomfortable expereince allowed them freedom to just be them.  So, while I thought I was just broadening my freedom it did the same for them!!

So, take the time to splash in the puddle and dance in the rain. Find fulfillment in the small things. Who knew being uncomfortable could leave my heart so open and so at peace?

Will you join me in doing something Not So Comfy? If so, I hope you share your story with me. Also, follow along on Facebook for the live versions. #25daynotsocomfychallenge

Aim High,



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