Everyday Courage

Do you have courage?

Courage is defined as facing something you are afraid of. We tend to think of needing courage when we are facing life-changing decisions or obstacles. But, courage is needed not just in the magnificent, but also in the miniscule.

Courage is needed in the everyday. Courage is essential every day if you are going to lead a life that has impact.  And, really, don’t we all want to lead a life that reaches beyond itself?

We all have different things that scare us.

There is the couple choosing to have a baby. That takes courage.

There is the mom starting a business. That takes courage.

There is the person wanting to speak up for an important cause. That takes courage.

There is the young woman presenting her ideas. That takes courage.

There is the parent choosing what is best for their child. That takes courage.

There is the child trying to make friends. That takes courage.

There is no limit to the everyday things that we face that truly take courage. 

Courage is not only for the hero or heroine. It is in a thousand different choices we make every day of our life.

This past year was rough on our family. My husband was working out of town during the week and my 5 year old was miserable.

She was in a kindergarten class that made her dread going to school.  At first, I convinced myself that it would be ok. She would get used to it. She had been a happy kid at the same school just this past year. But, this year she had a strict and harsh kindergarten  teacher. (Really, should any kindergarten teacher be harsh?) Anyway, it got to the point where I was prying her fingers off the car seat to get her out of the car and then having to hand her to someone in the school.  It was awful. The guilt was awful.

I struggled with the idea of taking her out of the school and putting her in a new one.  One day, I couldn’t pry her hands from her seat. After two months of positive thinking, I could not take it anymore. She was not going to get over this. I was crying as I drove away with her still in the car. We were done. She needed a new school.

I read so many articles about how changing schools midyear could be a disaster. But, it had to be done. I would need courage and faith to make the move. The second day at her new school…the SECOND DAY… she went in happily. I felt profound relief and conviction that it was NOT her that was the problem.

It took courage to get over the guilt. It took courage to pull her out of a school she previously loved. It took courage to trust myself to make a new decision.

Courage is making choices and more, it is being ok with making mistakes.  It is confronting our small fears while building up to our big ones.

I bet you don’t realize how all your small moments have equipped you for the big ones that are coming.  If you are pushing yourself, if you are truly trying and striving, the big obstacles are coming. You can believe me. Those big decisions are right around the corner. You need the courage to trust yourself.

Remember this:

You are brave. You are powerful. You are capable. You are tough. You are strong. You are unstoppable. All your small acts of courage have equipped you to overcome anything whether it is personal or professional. Your courage and faith will guide you if you allow it.

 So, go out there.  Strive and be and do. You have the courage to make it through whatever they throw at you!!

Aim High,



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