Breaking Through

We all go through times in our life where nothing is going the way we want or thought it should.
We all go through times when pain and darkness seem to take over.
We all go through times when it is just so damn hard.
Hard to breathe.
Hard to think.
Hard to find the way.
Just Hard.
When this happens, you have 2 choices.
You can let the world break you.
You can let circumstances break you.
You can let life break you.
You were never meant to break.
Maybe bend.
Maybe crack a little.
But, NEVER Break.
You were meant to push.
You were meant to figure it out.
You were meant to rise.
You were not meant to break down.
You were MADE to Break Through.
So, whatever that thing is holding you back, this is your moment.
You choose.
Break down
Break Through.

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