3 Things to do when Life is Hard

Even in hard times….

As we underwent testing for my 4 y/o, I kept reminding myself that I could find something to be grateful for. As he was poked and prodded, he shed tears, he told me he was scared and hungry, and generally just wanted to go home.

My heart cried out for him, but inside I was so thankful.  See, I know that we are far luckier than many families out there.  I know parents whose babies are undergoing things like a brain surgery or a transplant. We are far, far luckier than this.

But here is the thing.  Knowing we are luckier does not give me peace.  It’s like when you tell your kids you should be grateful for the food on your plate because there are kids in Africa who are starving.

People often think that gratitude lies in comparing of circumstances. We compare the people that are worse off then us and then suddenly feel better about our life or circumstances. But, this is not true, or at least not the whole truth.

If you have ever had any problem or hard time (and haven’t we all), there is always someone worse off than you.  But, does that make your problem feel any less painful to you? Probably not.

Instead of comparing,

  • I send out my love and prayers for wellness to these families. I support if I am able.
  • I accept my own situation for what it is. It is painful for me to watch my son be in pain. #momtruth
  • I ask myself what can I be grateful for in this situation…and there is always something.

This time I was grateful to the 2 beautiful and kind nurses who took care of my son and made the experience the best it could possibly be.  I was grateful for the knowledge that these tests will give answers to questions we have been asking for a long time. I was grateful for modern medicine and the TV filled with cartoons my son could watch.  I was grateful for the support of my friends and readers who virtually kept me company through out the day.  And, this list goes on and on.

And while testing may not seem like a hard time to you, know this: That wasn’t our hardest time at the doctor with our little man.


Twice he has gone into anaphylactic shock.  And, twice I have been grateful for the lessons I learned from it. Twice, I have been grateful for the invention of epipenephrin. Twice, I have been grateful for the medical staff who helped us. And, twice I have been grateful that he survived and graced us with his sweet smile and orneriness.  I will always maintain. There is always, always a reason to be grateful.

So, as we go into this holiday season, what are you taking for granted that you could be appreciating right now?   In love and gratitude, Amanda


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