Hello again! Welcome back.  Ready to turn those goals into reality? First, we are going to convince our brains that this new reality has already taken place.  Just like when you are at the movies and you laugh and cry with the characters. Your brain gives real emotion because it believes the movie is real.  You feel sad or horrified or joyous depending on what happens to the characters that you have started to care for.

Now, I am asking you to care for your own self.  To feel joy, excitement, greatness, for your own movie.  You see, that movie is your life.  And guess what, I am pretty sure we are all hoping for a happy ending.

To recap yesterday’s exercise,

Find a place to relax for 10-20 minutes.  Trust me, find the time for this quick exercise.

  • Lying or sitting, breathe deeply for about 10 breathes. Just feel the breath coming in and out of your body. Now, keep breathing deeply.
  • Start to imagine yourself succeeding at one of your goals not the how you reached the goal, but the end result. See yourself like you’re watching a movie.  If it’s weight loss, see yourself from afar standing on the scale. Then, read the number on the scale.  If it’s finishing a project, imagine how it looks completed. If it’s giving a speech, imagine yourself standing andgiving the speech flawlessly along with the applause at the end.
  • Now, add emotion to it. How would you feel if you lost that weight? How would you feel if you completed that project perfectly or delivered that speech flawlessly?  Build up the emotion in yourself little, by little until you can feel it humming in your body.

Now, we will add on to our movies.

  • Now, go deeper into the picture. After you have seen yourself on you mental “movie screen,” I want you to begin to try to use your 5 senses. Feel the clothes on your body. If your goal is weight loss, how does the scale feel against the bottoms of your feet? Everything should feel prefect.  If there is any smells, try to smell them.  Listen for the sounds that will accompany your succeeding at your goal.
  • Build in the emotion once again. I right now am doing a fitness goal. I see the scale, I also try to visualize how delicious a delicious salad is. How it crunches against my teeth, how healthy I feel as I am eating it.  Then, I focus on how great I feel and how proud I am of myself. I feel extreme joy as I look at the scale.

Again, this takes practice to be able to focus for long stretches. If your mind wanders just bring it back and try again.  Do this every day until you have created your perfect happy ending. Then, put it on repeat . The more you do this, the easier it will be to achieve your goals!!!

Your life is the most important movie you will ever play or be a part of. So, Write it. Direct it. Star in it. And, make your own happily ever after!

Aim High,



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