25 Day Challenge

Hello Hello Hello!  I am about to take a big leap into the unknown and I’m over the moon with excitement to do this with a healthy dose of fear thrown in there, too.

You remember being a kid and how many things that were uncomfortable that you had to do? I see it almost daily from my own kids. Just this morning, it was raining and a little chilly. SO, being the mom I am, I gave my 5 y/o little E a jacket to go over her clothes.. Actually, I gave her 3 different options. Guess, what happened she ended up hating all of them and screeching “I am so uncomfortable!!”

And it has occurred to me that one of our main goals as adults is to avoid discomfort at all costs.  It seemed “forced” upon us as children. I mean, I force my children to wear shoes and uncomfortable pants when it’s cold. Oh the horror!!!

So, as adults we stay in our safe little bubble and avoid discomfort at all costs.  Even when a change is for our own good, we stay in what feels safe and familiar.

But by staying in our comfort zone, we lose our spontaneity, our sense of adventure, our own magic.  So, I am saying Hell No to my comfort zone!  Sayōnara Safety!  Farewell Familiar!

I am starting a 25 Day Not So Comfy Challenge.

Every day I vow to step out of the box and do something challenging, new, or just makes me completely uncomfortable.

There is never an easy path to living life to the fullest.  We cannot claim our potential and use our power if we are always worried about how it will feel or how it will look. You can only claim the greatness God instilled in you by living life out loud.  And like anything, being ok with being uncomfortable takes practice. So, my goal is to practice it until I become an expert at it.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything, but I am going to start small. 25 Days or doing at least 1 thing a day that I’m a little fearful of.

I’d love others to take the challenge with me or at least give me some suggestions!!  It will be scary, it will be exciting, but sharing the journey will make it easier.

Let’s have an adventure together!!!

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Aim High,



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