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Over the weekend I have really been thinking about the movies and imagination and our connection to these things.  While my husband was out doing a Spartan race with his work team in dismal weather, I decided to take the kids to the mooooovies.  (That’s a cow joke.  Not as funny written, I get it.)

We saw the movie Storks.  It was very cute.  But, this post isn’t a review of a movie.  It’s about how imagination can connect us to movies.  See, at the end of the movie, I had a couple tears. I am pretty sentimental about babies, maybe knowing our son was the last one or maybe it’s just the general thought of how much love I have for our children, but either way it ended in me shedding a little water.  And, I thought isn’t this amazing. I have emotionally connected to this movie.  These characters are in a sense very real to me. My brain is convinced enough that it has allowed me to connect and feel real true emotion.  Ah-mazing!!

Which led me to something I know and have read about in many books, imagination is the key to your success.  People talk about visualization all the time; so people try to see themselves as they wish to be. They play a mental movie in their brain, if you will. But, often they don’t connect to the movie. They don’t feel the movie.  Without emotion, your brain will not be convinced the movie is real. Realness is part of how visualization leads to success.

So, here is my challenge to you. Find a place to relax for 10-20 minutes.  I get it, I have 3 kids, sometimes finding that place and time is hard. Trust me, find it for this quick exercise.

  • Lying or sitting, breathe deeply for about 10 breathes. Just feel the breath coming in and out of your body. Now, keep breathing deeply.
  • Start to imagine yourself succeeding at one of your goals not the how you reached the goal, but the end result. See yourself like you’re watching a movie.  If it’s weight loss, see yourself from afar standing on the scale. Then, read the number on the scale.  If it’s finishing a project, imagine how it looks completed. If it’s giving a speech, imagine yourself standing and giving the speech flawlessly along with the applause at the end.
  • Now, add emotion to it. How would you feel if you lost that weight? How would you feel if you completed that project perfectly or delivered that speech flawlessly?  Build up the emotion in yourself little, by little until you can feel it humming in your body.

When your time is up, congratulate yourself. You did awesome!  As with anything, the more you practice, the better you get and the more real your movie will become. Importantly, your mind will start directing you to move towards the goal! It will fill in the how.  By imagining, you are giving your mind a finish line to head towards.

I will take you deeper tomorrow to jumpstart you towards your goals! Practice tonight. It will increase you motivation and bring clarity to your vision and goals!

I can’t get over how cool our minds are.  What are you going to imagine and believe and succeed in?

Aim high,




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