Hello! My name is Amanda Upton. I am the founder and owner of Do More than Dream.  I am a life coach who’s who goal is to empower women to live a life designed by them.  I am here to help you get past all the baggage that is holding you back and help you unleash the Extra part of your ordinary that is hiding right inside of you and unleash it on the world!

I help women who are fed up with the way their life is going. I help women who have become too busy, too disconnected, too overwhelmed, too unfulfilled.  I help them rediscover who they are and what they want.  We work together to define their purpose, find their passion, and release that thing that really drives them.

I can help you begin to do more than dream. I want to help you design and live the life you were meant for!

I coach women to get out of their own way and to design the life they were meant for.

If you are tired of being stuck and are ready to take the steps necessary to live your dream life, I am your coach.

Women work with me because I genuinely love to see people succeed. I am your cheerleader and your dose of honesty. We do the work. We break down the barriers and ignite your fire.

Women leave feeling joyful, capable, and ready to crush their goals. They gain the tools to live their life happy, inspired, and truly fulfilled. They gain a new confidence that comes with knowing who they are, what they want, and truly knowing their value.

My clients come from all backgrounds, but they always want the same thing: to live the life they were meant for on their own terms and finally experience the joy of doing just that.

Here’s what I know: you are full of greatness. You know it and I know it.

Now, let’s bring it front and center so you can finally live a life of joy and fulfillment and release your limits.

Are you ready to DO more than dream?! Let’s talk.


Aim High,