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Live up to your dreams

When Fear overwhelms You

Hands up. Ever have something awesome happen to you, maybe something you have been hoping, praying, and working for? Then, instead of basking in the joy of the blessing, you quickly think of all the things that could go wrong. Or, maybe you pin point your failings or all the reasons you are not enough. …

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Stop Hiding

I have been thinking a lot about compartmentalization. (dang, that is a long word.) But for real, we often put ourselves in boxes and show people the parts we want them to see.We are like, “Ignore that crappy card box over there full of our secret shames.”Oooh, look at this perfectly wrapped box with the …

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3 Things to do when Life is Hard

Even in hard times…. As we underwent testing for my 4 y/o, I kept reminding myself that I could find something to be grateful for. As he was poked and prodded, he shed tears, he told me he was scared and hungry, and generally just wanted to go home. My heart cried out for him, …

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